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What To Expect After Your Transition To Post-Launch

Hooray! Your website has launched! As Lorenzo would love to keep his clients forever, you will now be transitioned to your final Account Manager within the Customer Success department. This article will spell out exactly what to expect from this department as you continue to improve your website or if any issues happen to arise. 

Account Manager

After launch, you are assigned an Account Manager who will be in contact with you to introduce themselves shortly after launch. This Account Manager is responsible for answering your inquiries and concerns as well as acting as a point of contact for you and other teams within the company such as Billing, Administration, Design, and Development. 

Customer Success Response Time

The Customer Success team is available Monday - Thursday during the hours of 9AM - 6PM EST and on Fridays 9AM - 5:30PM EST. During this time, the Customer Success team is available by phone, email, or submitting a ticket. The phone number to best reach the Customer Success team is 704-910-4774 and the email address to best reach the team is Your Account Manager also will have their own extension which will be provided to you. When initially submitting a ticket or after you send a response to give more information, the time to expect a response is between 24-48 hours. We strive to answer tickets as soon as we can, but this varies depending on ticket volume for that day. 

Agile Process

If you happen to run into a bug or need any technical assistance that the Customer Success team can not handle on their own, they will need to create a ticket for the Development or Design team. These teams run on the AGILE process. While this process is great for streamlining tickets and making sure no ticket gets lost, it can be confusing for clients. 

During this process, tickets are completed in sprints which are one week long. These sprints start on Wednesday at 4pm EST and will end on the following Wednesday. If your ticket has been selected for the sprint, it will be completed during this time as long as there were no extenuating circumstances. If your ticket was not selected for the sprint, it will not be investigated or completed until the following sprint the next week. 

Concierge and Premium Concierge:

We know at Punchmark that a jeweler's day is quite hectic and you might not be able to or want to work on your website by doing mundane tasks within SiteManager. For this reason, we have both SiteManager Concierge and Premier SiteManager Concierge. Generally, any work that you can do in SiteManager is included in SiteManager Concierge. What's not included is graphic design work, text writing/creation, creation of ideas/campaigns, or anything that is not an actual function of SiteManager. Our basic Concierge plan includes up to 2 hours of work per month (a $350 value) to be done by our highly proficient SiteManager experts, and you also get queue priority over other requests. SiteManager Concierge is available in our SiteManager Advanced Plan.

**If you choose to not utilize the concierge service, you will be responsible for all content management on the site that can be done in SiteManager. Of course, we are always here to guide you and send helpful articles from our knowledge base.

Digital Marketing

We offer in-house digital marketing to help make your website as profitable as possible and increase your presence on the web. Stuart, our Digital Marketing Director, is happy to further explain plans with you and how to best utilize your digital marketing points after launch. Please send a ticket in or give us a call to request more information. Additionally, you can read more about Punchmark’s Digital Marketing Program here.


With E-Commerce, there are few points to note to ensure that you are able to capture funds and know what to expect when an order is placed. Here are some notes about what to do when you make your first sale.

  1. First, when a client buys an item on the website it is imperative that you update the item's status to “shipped”, “completed”, “delivered”, or “picked up” in order to capture the funds from that sale.

  2. There are two types of EDT integrations which are Single- and Bi-Directional. The difference between these two is in the level of communication between your Edge POS and the Punchmark website. With Single-Directional, you will need to manually ring up a product in offline mode in your Edge while this is done for you in Bi-Directional. 

  3. For manually uploaded products, you are responsible for maintaining your products through SiteManager as it is one of the exceptions with the Concierge plans. Additionally, the stock level will adjust itself when a product is sold. When the stock level was initially 1, but is now zero, the “add to cart” button will change to “inquire”. However, you will need to remove the item manually if you wish for it to not be on the website anymore. 

Financing Options

While you may be able to add 3rd Party financing options to your Punchmark website such as Well Fargo or Synchrony Bank, we offer Affirm and Sezzle as fully integrated options. Clients who have financing options have proven to have higher sales from their website. You can add your third party financing options through SiteManager by going to My Store > Financing. For Sezzle and Affirm, you can add them by going to Site Manager > Settings > E-Commerce and plugging in any needed information. You can read more about Sezzle and Affirm here: 


It is highly recommended that you add ClearSale to your website. ClearSale is our exclusive fraud protection partner. They ensure that all sales are legitimate and if not, rejects them. You can read more about this here. To enable ClearSale, you can go to SiteManager > Settings > Integrations and add the information that is needed. 

Social Media

In order to integrate your Facebook or Instagram account to your website, this process has to be done post-launch. Additionally, you need to follow the steps explained here

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