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How to Get the Most From Your Punchmark Website

A Punchmark website is a substantial investment, and with any substantial investment comes a certain expectation for the product to return its expected value.

Every Punchmark website, once launched, comes equipped with the tools required to run a successful e-commerce jewelry business. In addition to these, there are a few plug-ins and tools available that will help to elevate your business, drive traffic, and increase you rate of checkout the most. We’ve outlined a few of the most popular so that you know how to get the most from your Punchmark website.

Absolutely Necessary

Turn on E-Commerce

Turn your e-commerce on. Seriously, you should. Activating e-commerce and making even a single sale, means it was worth it. Turning on E-commerce is a relatively easy process, start by contacting your Account Manage at Punchmark.

Shipping Options

Next, you’ll need a variety of shipping options. These can be set up in Settings > Shipping. This’ll ensure that you are able to manage your orders and ensure they are shipped out at a reasonable rate.

A good starting set to use would be:



FREE Curbside Pickup (if supported)


USPS Standard


USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day


USPS Overnight


Good Product Photos

Online shopping, especially for luxury products like jewelry, is about shopping with your eyes. It is absolutely unacceptable to use photos of your products shot through your display case glass. Invest in a GemLight Box from Picup Media and take your own product photos, or use Premium Vendor products.

Strongly Encouraged

Homepage Banners

The above the fold content is the most important with respects to limiting Bounce Rate. Your banner at the top of your homepage should be switched out regularly, whether that is monthly or quarterly depends on your rate of traffic. Learn how to build your own banners here.

Coupon Codes

Creating new coupon codes for use on your website can be an effective way to drive online checkouts. Consider limiting them to specific brands or categories and combo them with an in-store promotion.

Integrate with The Edge

The Edge is the Jewelry Industry’s leading Point of Sales system, and it integrates beautifully with Punchmark websites. Integrating The Edge bi-directional functionality allows orders on the website and orders in the store to pull products down so there is no risk of a double sell, and much more! This can be advantageous for a store doing a high volume of sales. Learn more about The Edge Point of Sale here.

Color Content (Staff & About Us pages)

Providing color content on your website is important to gaining customer trust and telling your business’s story. This can be done by creating a Meet the Staff page or widget to be used on your About Us page. This is as simple as cropping your staff photos into squares and adding them to your Biographies page.

Good Website Photos

Your website’s photos are one of the most effective storytelling tools you can employ. Going the extra mile to take your own photos or hire a photographer to display your place of business, staff, and “atmosphere” can help you stand out from the competition.

Digital Marketing

If you want to start making some serious sales, you’ll need to have considerable traffic sent to your website. We offer a point system for Digital Marketing plans that allows you to take action in a way that suits you business best, whether that is through landing pages, Pay-Per-Click, or SEO. Learn More

Other Power Ups

Educating Yourself

Your should never see your website as “complete”. Your website will always need to be updated and improved; and YOU will always need to be updating and improving your understanding of your web presence.

Here are a few links to education sources that will help you improve your know-how.

  • Education by Punchmark:

    • In the Loupe Podcast - A weekly jewelry and e-commerce focused podcast produced by Punchmark that educates and advocates for emerging digital and e-commerce tech as well as jewelry adjacent topics such as interview with business owners and consumers.

    • Livestreams - We have over 100 educational videos added to the Punchmark database, as well as many recordings of our speaking engagements at jewelry shows. All of these videos can be found in Home > Education and a limited amount are available on the Punchmark Youtube.

  • Education by Others:

    • ClearSale Blog - For the latest statistics and information about e-commerce from the leading fraud protection service.

    • Medium - The number 1 source for blog content.

Posting to Instagram & Facebook

Posting to your social platform is a strong way to drive traffic and boost awareness and engagement. We recommend using a management tool such as Later to avoid having to make realtime posts. Learn what to post to your Instagram here.

Podium Chat

Having a web chat on your site allows for immediate question answering for shoppers, a warm greeting, and so much more! And best of all, Podium easily integrates with your website. Learn More

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