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The Edge for Jewelers

The EDT (Edge Data Transfer) module is responsible for importing and exporting data between the Edge and your Punchmark website. This system is a 2nd generation module of what was once called Edge TPW (third party website). The EDT system is more complex and includes data like customers, wish lists, and transactions, and has the potential to transfer data in two directions.

EDT Configurations

There are two configurations available for EDT:

Single Directional EDT
One way flow of data from The Edge to your website. This is export only. No data is imported back into The Edge.

Bi-Directional EDT
Two-way flow of data back and forth from your website to The Edge. This supports export and import.

EDT is capable of exporting the following data from the Edge and sending it to your website:

  • Item & stone information

  • Service job statuses

  • Customers (bi-directional only)

  • Wish lists (bi-directional only)

  • Transactions (bi-directional only)

EDT is capable of capturing the following data from your website and importing it back into the Edge:

  • Customers (bi-directional only)

  • Wish lists (bi-directional only)

  • Web sales (bi-directional only)


It is important to note that there are costs involved for Abbott Jewelry Systems (the Edge) and Punchmark. For Abbott Jewelry Systems, there is a one-time setup fee (plus annual service with Bi-Directional integration). For Punchmark, there are no setup fees, and integration is included in both Professional and Advanced Plans, or it can be added on as a separate service.

Abbott Jewelry Systems (Edge) Pricing

Below is a breakdown of pricing for Abbott Jewelry Systems.

The EDT module must be purchased and enabled in your Edge license. EDT is available in both single directional and bi-directional configurations. Pricing varies and includes both one-time activation fees as well as increases to your annual service contract.

It is possible to start with single directional EDT and upgrade to bi-directional in the future by paying the difference.




Single Directional EDT (1x)


$2,000 +$300 annual service

Bi-Directional EDT (2x)
(requires Virtual Store)


$2,500 +$300 annual service

Virtual Store

+$500 annual service

+$500 annual service

Upgrade from TPW



Due to their familiarity with our data structure, the price is discounted and maintenance fee waived when using one of our preferred partners.

To purchase EDT, contact Abbott Jewelry Systems' Administrative department at 866-580-3343 or

Punchmark (website) Pricing

Below is a breakdown of pricing for your Punchmark Monthly Service Plan. Punchmark has waived all setup fees to get started with Edge EDT Integration.

Both Configurations of Edge EDT are available in the Professional or Advanced plans, or as a separate billable item in the Starter Plan (and Early Adopter service plans). For more information, please visit Punchmark’s pricing page.


Starter Plan

Pro Plan

Advanced Plan

EDT 1x




EDT 2x

not available



How It Works

On initial set up, an agent from Abbott Jewelry Systems logs in to your computer and helps you configure your system to determine what data to include. The first time EDT runs, all chosen data is exported to the website as a full upload of all data. It is then set to run on a schedule (once a day, once an hour, every 15 minutes, etc.) and on each subsequent run, only new or changed data is included. For Bi-Directional integrations, it will also check for pending files that come back from your website. After the first upload, a Punchmark customer success representative will set up a default category structure based on your categories in the Edge. All imports are processed for products, customers, wish lists, repairs, and transactions, if applicable. Once the default options are in place, the Punchmark team will hand it off to you to make any final tweaks.

For more information regarding how Edge EDT works from your computer in your store, here is some useful documentation written by Abbott Jewelry Systems:

Some of the general information in these guides is also covered in our documentation as it pertains to integration with your website.

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